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Katie’s Twice Baked sprouted from her home kitchen in Los Angeles, CA. What started as a healthy twist to a twice baked potato for friends evolved into a small company focused on making yummy, unique flavors to share and a mission to give back & help heal our soil in the process.

During a trip to Costa Rica Katie learned about the benefits of regenerative agriculture. When she got home she was inspired to combine two things she loves- potatoes and soil! Flavor ideas began to take shape- some combos were laughable, others didn’t make the cut, but eventually Katie developed a handful of twice baked potatoes that would make up the spud roster.

We’re just getting started on our journey at Katie’s Twice Baked. Thank you fellow Potato Heads for jumping in with us, coming back for more, and being a part of our story! We’re excited to grow with you!


Katie grew up in Davidson, NC where good food and home cooking were a part of her southern upbringing. The traditional recipe for a twice baked potato was a staple at the dinner table and happened to be her favorite. Being in the kitchen and experimenting with spuds has always been a source of joy, creativity and yumminess!

Fast forward to 2019, while living in LA, she came across a line from the book, Hidden Life of Trees, that truly transformed her path.

“There are more life forms in a healthy handful of forest soil than there are humans on the planet.”

Reading this was so impactful it inspired her to get her permaculture certification, work with Kiss The Ground, and ultimately start Katie’s Twice Baked. She's determined to help heal our soil one yummy twice baked potato at a time!

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Spread Joy

We believe in approaching each day with a joyful heart. There is so much to be grateful for so why not spread a little joy with every interaction, delivery, and batch of twice baked potatoes!

Create Community

It takes a village! Connecting with one another makes us all stronger. Engaging with our community of potato heads, team members, suppliers, farmers, friends, and family make it all worth while. Let’s share a tot, a story, and do good for our planet!

Think & Act Regeneratively

We care about creating a healthier ecosystem in which we can all thrive. By subscribing to a regenerative model that focuses on lending a helping hand we can help rebuild our planet, starting with the soil. We will always strive for a higher standard and not cut corners to create resiliency for generations to come.

Nourish with Goodness

We all deserve the best of what nature has to offer! Accessing quality resources is at the core of this so we will always prioritize using the best ingredients sourced from suppliers who care as much as we do.

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Delivery Area Charlottesville, VA

At this point, we can only deliver locally in Charlottesville, VA. We plan to deliver to other areas soon!


All Katie’s twice baked potatoes are delivered frozen.

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Locally Sourced Produce & Meats

Whenever possible we source our ingredients from certified organic and regenerative organic farms.